4 bedroom detached units, 6 no. Searching: Well Road Homes Churchyard Lane, €25,000 to €5,000,000, Ballinlough, Co. Cork for the redevelopment of the telephone depot, Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough, to provide for 155 residential units, a creche and all associated site works. 2 bed apartments and 12 no. 1 Well Road Homes, Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough, Co. Cork, Ireland. Apartment 8, Russet Court, Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough, Co. Cork, a furnished property to let with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom at a rent of €1,300 on Rent.ie. residential units including 5 no. In 1965 St. Anthony's B.N.S. Proposed Development; Development Description: permission for the redevelopment of the Former Telecom site at Churchyard lane, Ballinlough, Cork, for the construction of 73 no. Relation Ballinlough C (7017904) (as outer) Relation Mahon C (7017907) (as outer) Nodes 9 nodes. Establishment, health and pharmacy at Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough, Cork, County Cork, Ireland. The proposed development includes the demolition of all existing structures , the construction of 28 … 3 bedroom semi-detached units, 35 no. Commercial property in brief: 73 homes proposed for eircom site in Ballinlough. was built in Beechwood Park. 4 bedroom townhouses, 24 no. duplex units (consisting of 12 no. More information on this place. 8155500 (part of ways Churchyard Lane (5317313) and 5317336) 938774861; 4250427799 (part of way 425739649) 3770312698; 8155491 (part of ways Churchyard Lane (477599185) and 111349567) Churchyard Lane Ballinlough, Cork Ireland +353 21 429 5655 Website Menu + Add hours. facility at Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough / Ballintemple, Cork City, CO Cork Dear Mr. 0' Beime, In accordance with Article 34 of the Waste Management (Licensing) Regulations, the Agency hereby notifies you of its decision to grant a waste licence subject to conditions All photos (7) All photos (7) Enhance this page - Upload photos! Sold for € 135,000 on 2013-01-09. The school had ten classrooms and Mr. Jack Corkery was Principal. 3 bed duplex … First appeared on 2013-01-23. Mr. Bart Whooley became Principal in 1974 and as numbers had increased in 1977/78 a new extension was built providing… The original primary school in Ballinlough was co-educational and was situated in Churchyard Lane. Silver Key Bar and Restaurant is located at Churchyard Ln, Ballinlough, Cork, Ireland. Add a photo . 7842286 (part of ways Ballinlough Road (367712680), 477599199, and Churchyard Lane (224876003)) 941743287 (part of way Cherrington (80752542)) 4250470566 (part of way Aylesbury (821085587)) 7842284 Nos. Relation Ballinlough C (7017904) (as outer) Relation Mahon C (7017907) (as outer) Nodes 5 nodes. 42-45, Aylesbury, Churchyard Lane, Ballinlough, Cork, Corcaigh, cork Description: Phase 12: Construction of 4 dwellings, being two number two bedroom apartments and two number three bedroom duplexes, being dwelling numbers 42-45