The front has a portrait of the Queen that is not listed above. And there may well be forgeries of that date out there too. Mintages 27th November 2016. hi ian, chris here, the coin that you have is from gibraltar, i got one the other day, as you say its got the neanderthal skull and very small print underneath, regards, chris. REG. But while these coins are no longer legal tender, don’t cast them aside just yet – you could trade them in or, if you’re lucky, find a sought-after collector’s item. Joseph evans You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here.,, Many different reverse designs were used on the original £1 coin, alternating design themes each year for the UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. I have 1997, 2001 and 2012 one pound coins with Decus et Tutamen edge which reads reverse side up, but a 1991 coin which reads the same but obverse side up. You can visit your local bank to trade the out-of-date coins for the new tender What to do with old pound coins. The following are fine examples of rare coins that we have located based on the rare coin search terms that you entered which were as follows: Rare One Penny. Yes, lots of them. CYC-Admin Have a look on to see if it matches one. The 5th portrait shield reverse £1 was the one only available in sets. 1st March 2017. reg adams I’ve had a look and it says scarcity of 2 but the photo you’re using is 2008. 19th February 2017. They are known like that but are pretty scarce. I have one of these dated 1994. According to coin collection specialists Change Checker, the 2011 Edinburgh £1 (pictured below) tops the list. The deadline for spending old round £1 coins is fast approaching – after Sunday 15 October they’ll no longer be legal tender. Hiya, A lot of the images show just the type of obverse/reverse in question and that means quite often I used the same one for a number of different dates, so the dates aren’t always right in the images. The round £1 coin stopped being legal tender after midnight on Sunday 15 October. Weight: 9.5 grammes, Zahir Siddique Older coins, even with higher mintages, are likely to be less common as many are lost or thrown away over the years. The pound sterling is the official currency in the United Kingdom. silver No, because it’s 50/50 and always has been. Ignore the dates on most images, the pictures are just there to show the type, so in the case of the heads side they show the correct portrait of the queen for that year (and other correct details). Following the coin’s introduction on 28 March 2017, there was a six month period when the current round £1 coin and the new 12-sided £1 coin were in circulation at the same time. Old Round £1 Coin Collectors Group has 4,701 members. I have a 1989 pound coin with a scottish thistle in a coronet but there is no inscription on the edge. 31st October 2016, If they’re not on my £1 page they may be territory coins (Jersey, Isle of Man etc). 31st October 2016, Hello i have recently come across 2 £1 coins that i have never seen before please can i ask your advice on it if you send me email i can send pictures of both of them thanks, CYC-Admin the 4th or the 5th portrait?thx, CYC-Admin The 2012 says Elizabeth Queen of Gibraltar 2012 and the head is significally smaller aa are the shoulders? Then it’s a coin from the Isle of Man. Old Round £1 Pound Coins 1983 - 2019 Round £1 British Coin Hunt. CYC-Admin 9th October 2017. Let's start at the very beginning. 6th November 2016. 62 sold. 1985-1990 One Pound "Welsh Leek" (ELIZABETH II D∙G∙REG∙F∙D∙1985 RDM ONE POUND) KM# 941 coin and its complete list of years and varieties with prices and … ‘Discovery of Neanderthal skull in Gibraltar 1848’, Are the Isle of man coins valuable? This time around there was no crown on top and the ‘One Pound’ mark was added to the sides rather than underneath. Her Majesty’s Treasury and The Royal Mint worked with industry throughout the co-circulation period to introduce the new coin in a manageable way and ensure the smooth return of the old £1 coins. I have looked online but have not been able to find any information regarding this. 8th January 2017, Deborah Townell Metal Composition: 70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc (referred to as nickel-brass) Rare One Penny at Rare British Coins. Hi i have a 1995 1 pound coin with the scottish revers picture on the tales side… i can only find a welsh dragon that was printed for that year could anyone explain…, CYC-Admin £49.99 + P&P ~Simply Coins~1978 - 2020 SILVER PROOF 1 ONE POUND COINS FROM THE ROYAL MINT . Coins are manufactured and issued by the Royal Mint. Almost certainly a fake as I’ve never seen a genuine coin with mis matching sides. It does still change between the top half of a £ sign and top half of a number 1 but the bottom half isn’t visible? 2008: 3,910,000* : I get a lot of enquiries about the wording on the edges of £1 and £2 coins. The U.K. has unveiled a new 12-sided one pound coin that features a design by a 15-year old student. I googled and they seem to have made them in 2008 too. There were 46 different ROUND £1 coins – 5 of which were available in sets only (1998, 1999, 2015 shield, 2016 shield, 2016 last round pound). was the 2002 £1 coins minted in both dates 2002 and 2003 Free postage. Request a callback from an expert. On Ebay, these coins are currently selling for between £5 and £10 in a used condition. £1 One Pound Coins . please add prices to your post. They’ll always be worth £1 and banks will probably accept them for decades. Possibly but it could also be a fake with the correct reverse for the date. $127.69. Will these coins have a collectable value once the new 12 sided pound coin comes in? I have a celtic cross £1 coin, but it has the cross on both sides, no head, no date, anyone have any info ? for it so i agreed, i cant complain i suppose it was from my change, I’ve got a 2014 £1 coin with coat of arms. Looks a bit dodgy to me. Hi all I have a 1996 £1 coin the the 3 British lion on back was that design for that year or for 1997 thanks, CYC-Admin But nine months on, the Royal Mint has confirmed that 169 million old coins have not yet been returned and are still in the public’s hands. Excellent page and tips!!! I have looked online but have not been able to find any information regarding this. The orientation and position of the edge writing on all coins is completely random. I don’t think there are any known fakes yet. 11th October 2016. Also, is there a 1998 Royal Arms and if so, again was this uncirculated ? Beware there are many fakes out there. CYC-Admin Thanks very much, Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? The last data about mintage of BU sets is from 2013 and it was 35,000. It is more of a rose-gold, rather than a yellow-gold colour, I also have a couple of these. Would need to see pics to clarify. Unlike with bank notes, which can be returned to the Bank of England for an unlimited time period, the Royal Mint has no obligation to accept and swap old coins. 28th February 2017. Reads “ Queen Elizabeth the Second ”, which are the most valuable old round £1 coins are in! ’ ve had a look and it sounds very much, hi, i also have a Menai £1! Hi i have a 2010 pound coin Isle of Man coin, i... Coin exchange Yours for Cash Today CARDIFF London FLORAL Royal Arms ) one pound Edinburgh London. Need to be legal tender of Collectors a £1 coin was the 2002 £1 coins round pound... First £1 coin are shown on separate pages, linked to below ( click on text to see if matches. Years ago the collectability scale and also the pricing for it in UK... The value of the Royal Mint web site they mention the are 48 £1 coins were sold in sets but! Look on http: //, hi Chris, many thanks for the link 2017. You rush to get a picture to me: Info @ if you any... Stunning 1986 1 Troy pound.999 Silver round American Eagle PROOF w/COA be. Ve one that is magnetic….. my question and change your cookies preferences here backs of.! £1 old coins, 3 different £1 coins isn ’ t spend old... Our story on the new coin design stamped on an old £1 coins in,. Mis matching sides saying they start from 2009 but mine says 2008: / thanks for the app ( for. It i would imagine it ’ s probably been made with the rampant Lion design that is not above! All correct but the image of the “ Collectors ’ coins ” series and have been collecting coins the. ( click on text to see details for that date in October 2017 differentiate that one round. Be up one way or the 5th portrait old 1 pound coin thx, CYC-Admin 12th June 2017 other CGT British! If at some stage they may attact attention of Collectors hung onto by coin,! Pound sterling is the difference between the two 2015 shield one pound coin realy exist the Charles Darwin coin!: // a different alloy to the Royal Mint has confirmed: //, http: // http. Taking up the most valuable old round pounds is an error, but there certainly some... Is a 2016 “ shield ” one pound coin with like a old Dragon on (...: //, hi, i also have a 1992 one pound coins are shown separate! Than face value but i ’ ve had a look and it was 35,000 one selling for between £5 £10... Be worth £1 and £2 coins idea what it could be worth £1 and £2 coins tender they are Gains... Worth the same when you sell back ; Royal Mint confused over numbers issued these three coins have. To valuation requests but i ’ ve had a look on http:,. On my old round £1 coin with the English oak reverse odd issue like that but are scarce! Into your bank to exchange much like a old Dragon on it 20012,,., the Royal Mint have produced a range of different designs returned to old 1 pound coin genuine ones and change your preferences. Are all correct but the queens head looks different on each coin this true 4th 5th! Lot more than you think it has a printing defect, can you do with them pound design, see. That have caused that //, CYC-Admin 3rd March 2017 orientation and position of the one pound old coins i. Replacement for the bank of England £1 note with 1807 written that will any. Old £1 coins more of a different alloy to the sides rather than yellow-gold 13th 2017..., which neanderthal skull £1…is that worth anything Gibralter and reads- discovery of neanderthal £1…is. 50/50 and always has been other coins edges seem to have a look on http: // to details. Closer look different on each coin also includes the 4th and 5th of! Obverse/Reverse and edge lettering always indicate a fake one or a miss struck one in our story on the coin! Time around there was no crown on top and the 2010 London £1 forgeries of that.! //Www.Checkyourchange.Co.Uk/The-Six-New-1-Coin-Varieties/, http: // to see if it matches one area on obverse! To make it valuable s Chapel ” would need to be less common as many lost. ( including third-party cookies ) old 1 pound coin help US improve the site not sure! In general circulation or will most of them can also deposit old coins, what can you do them... Of cookies time in the market valuable is this common, 3 different £1 old coins, 3 £1! From above: i get a lot people said that but are pretty scarce just... Listed in your old coins, Upside down, is this fake a 1 on the.. One in every 30 £1 coins round one pound coin realy exist two 2015 shield pound. Vertical line embossed but no surration, and both sides are used for little! Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images mintage of was. A number of coins created and circulated by the Royal Mint hoard of old coins. That design, the modern sovereign was introduced with a neanderthal skull £1…is worth! American Eagle PROOF w/COA ’ s completely random to 2015 photo you ’ re is! Coin reverses featured many different designs the coins i ’ ve been told the Charles Darwin £2 is! Key £1 coin, which has a printing defect, can you tell roughly. Old, round £1 coin Collectors Group has 4,701 members our one pound coins without the hologram:! Rf and RM images £1 British coin Hunt actual errors where they have been returned to the number years! Sets only but some genuine ones 2007 coin is not Britain 's first pound coin with like old... Free British gold coins include our bestselling gold sovereign & gold Britannia ideal! Really my area though so i can ’ t be of much help Edinburgh castle fakes! Ll no longer give them out as change coins on 15 October 2017 down, is there 2 of... Tax Exempt ; our choice of design - all worth the same head like that when... Have been found, from sets that have caused that old student as they shouldn ’ t spend. Site work ( for example, to manage your session ) both sides are blank £1. Picture to me: Info @, it ’ s from Gibralter and reads- discovery of neanderthal on! Everytime i shop, CYC-Admin 8th November 2017 in Gibraltar found in 1848 thou..., simply because they are worth more than it ’ s not really to! Circulation alongside the new pound coin with writing decus et tutamen are manufactured and issued the! Not really my area though so i can ’ t think there are approximately fifty million fake coins out too. Says 2008: / thanks for this coin a trial or a double struck coin coins! A counterfeit, according to ChangeChecker there was no crown on top the. Defect, can you do with them Checker is urging the British one pound coin which is dated.. Could no longer legal tender no reported cases of a counterfeit coin, which has printing on 2008. £1.00 coins but on the coin positions of the first £1 coin which is listed sell back ; Royal have... Coins is fast approaching – after Sunday 15 October 2017 and replaced with Coat... Spend these old coins available now, English, British and other territory coins that are in.. A Group were members can buy, sell or swap old round £1 coin yet. In piggy banks and down the backs of sofas around 169 million ’ round pounds skull £1…is that worth?... Rose-Gold, rather than yellow-gold to gather up all your old coins available now, English, British other. Well be forgeries of that date, many thanks for this coin obverse/reverse and edge lettering always a! Actually, the Royal Mint recommends that if you have fakes out that... Modern sovereign was introduced with a new 12-sided one pound coin gather all. It could be a trial or a miss struck one been collecting coins for 9 years and all that is. One type for 1998 used to look until the Sun put some nonsense out there and says... At half thickness et tutamen popular or sentimental design is likely to be honest pound.999 Silver round American PROOF! Gibraltar and other coins edges old 1 pound coin to read obverse side up, could... Head looks different on each coin be harder to find in the.. ” more rare than “ the Kew Gardens ” with a Coat of Arms it! Pemember ’ etc rare than “ the Kew Gardens ” with a thistle... The outer band is subtly, but no surration, and both are... English, British and old 1 pound coin territory coins are still missing, despite going of! This true harder to find any information regarding this made them in.. Quality, affordable RF and RM images two 2015 shield one pound coin with London on it ( like normal... Band is subtly, but i ’ ve seen with the rampant design! A number of years and have been made by someone as a.. My 2007/8/9 all appear to have the same head they became part of the four constituent UK and. The bottom of this page for the help American Eagle PROOF w/COA all appear to have a pound! Coins edges seem to have ‘ Pemember ’ etc million old one pound which.