As Bulgarian citizen, you and your children will also have full access to the best schools and universities in all member states. While you get permanent residency (and all of the benefits that come with it) almost immediately, you need to wait at least two years before officially becoming a Bulgarian citizen. Plus, Greece just has that Mediterranean charm that Bulgaria often lacks. If you have accumulated certain wealth, you can’t accept any constraints to be imposed on you and your family as to in which country you will spend your life or retire. within the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland. At the moment, Bulgaria isn’t part of the Schengen, nor does it have the Euro. Interesting alternative to the more well-known programs. With the Standard Track you can obtain a second passport in 6 years in exchange for a minimum investment of €512,000. At the same time, there is no official website for the program, no official data that has ever been released about it, nor does the government promote it. Feel free to send us your application at and we’ll see how we can help you.. Fast-track applicants are able to offload their bonds after four years. You’ll be able to invest in government bonds if you want to apply for Bulgarian residence, an investment that’s fully recoupable once the holding period is over. Vietnam: Our speaker at the "2018 Uglobal Investment Immigration Expo" in Ho Chi Minh City. There won’t be any interest accrued, however. Is Bulgarian Residence and Citizenship For You? The Bulgarian Citizenship Investor Program is an attractive opportunity for foreign investors and wealthy individuals to enjoy visa-free access or visa-on-arrival access to 157 countries and territories, Bulgarian citizenship for … Citizenship, Residency, and Visas in Bulgaria Fast Track Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment. Obtain residence by investment in Bulgaria and choose the fast-track to getting EU citizenship in just two years. You are set to start a whole new life with less stress and more time to enjoy the really important things – your and your family’s freedom! Emerging world citizens from places like China or Russia can often become frustrated with their “bad passports” that only offer visa-free access to a limited number of countries. People Looking to Renounce Their US Citizenship, , you will find that one of the hardest things to let go of is the strength of the US passport.Â, While you can cover a lot of ground with a solid. , some people believe that the program has no legal basis. This attractive option allows wealthy individuals and their family members to enjoy numerous benefits such as visa-free access … ID card is sufficient to cross any order via the express "EU only" gates (available at all EU airports). The fast-track citizenship program foresees that 12 months after the permanent residency status has been granted, the applicant can invest another 512 000 EUR (making the total investment equal to at least 1 024 000 EUR) and can then apply immediately for Bulgarian citizenship. Before you dive straight into applying for residence in Bulgaria, you should take the time to learn a bit more about other residence and citizenship by investment programs and how to avoid scams and fake programs.Â. How come it’s a con? Once you obtain the passport, it’s yours for life.Â, Bring your family. Hong Kong: The situation in Hong Kong is running out of control (summer 2019). Application for permanent residency (personal presence of the applicant in Bulgaria may be required). If you choose this way, then all you will need to do is pay an up-front deposit, which is normally around $195,000. Offered in accordance with the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, the Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship includes a fast-track citizenship option. You won’t have to relinquish the citizenship you already hold in order to become a Bulgarian citizen. So can your dependants. And if you couldn’t care less about logistics, then perhaps some of Bulgaria’s international clout would persuade you?Â, There has been a Bulgarian Head of the IMF, a Bulgarian Head of UNESCO, the founder of the US-based fintech unicorn Robinhood is Bulgarian, et cetera.Â, Plus, Bulgaria is a destination that’s known for its science and technology scene. Pack your bags and get ready to see your new country of residence! Fancy something more exciting and riskier than government bonds? If you’ve never visited Bulgaria before, this will be the first chance that you get.Â, Once your visa is approved, you will be expected to make your way to the country to apply for your permanent residence card.Â. For example, there are more and more US citizens that apply for the semi-fast-track option and obtain full Bulgarian citizenship at a later stage. That’s not the case with Bulgaria at the moment, although it’s widely accepted that it’s only a matter of time until Bulgaria becomes part of the Schengen area. in bonds is required to become a permanent resident of Bulgaria – a financial asset class that’s considered quite low-risk. This is a document that will be required to obtain your investor visa.Â. Plus, the Cypriot residence eventually leads to citizenship too. Since it’s really a hybrid program, not many people linger in the permanent resident stage. So can your dependants. It is worth stating that the fast-track citizenship program doesn’t require the candidate to pass any language, history or other tests, nor to surrender his existent citizenship(s). Please note however that there is no clearly defined and predictable path to citizenship through the Bulgarian “programme”. You’re also able to set up a trust account with a local Bulgarian bank of a minimum amount of €511,292. +1 (979)966-6623 CONTACT US SERVICESPRIVACY POLICY FAQs, Copyright 2012-21, Nomad Capitalist Limited"Nomad Capitalist" and "Go Where You're Treated Best" are registered trademarks. recently retracted the citizenship of eight people, who obtained it fraudulently. . Spain’s RBI program has a similar price tag as Bulgaria’s – a minimum investment of, €500,000 is expected of all foreigners. Required fields are marked *. Or, you can just visit it for holidays – you choose.Â, . EU citizenship grants the permission to live, work or study in any country of the European Union. Plus, Greece just has that Mediterranean charm that Bulgaria often lacks. Well, the benefits of EU citizenship are certainly immense, but they come at a price. Unlike people from the US, Canada, or Australia who already have top-tier passports, emerging world citizens may not find much value in pursuing a second passport in somewhere like, 3. Investment of EUR 1 million Shares of Bulgarian commercial companies traded on a Bulgarian stock exchange or licensed institution – double your investment to a total of, and you can apply for citizenship after just one year of being a permanent resident.Â, While the regular five-year timeline to naturalization is still much faster than most other European programs, t, From start to finish, you can expect to become a Bulgarian citizen in approximately. Every citizen who is a national of a (EU) Member State is also a citizen of the Union (EU). The Bulgarian citizenship by investment program offers affluent persons of impeccable standing to receive Bulgarian (EU) citizenship on the basis of an investment in Bulgaria. From start to finish, you can expect to become a Bulgarian citizen in approximately 2.5 years. Like Eastern Europe? You can either invest in government bonds (the most popular option), buy intellectual property, invest in a local business, or establish a trust. Or referrals unless you fail to hold bulgarian citizenship by investment your end of the cheapest citizenship program.Â, no requirement... Current bills and the cheapest EU true citizenship by investment: how to become Bulgarian..., Thailand, and its real estate properties that are only available to EU citizens EU has recently retracted citizenship... For investors who want to underline is that Migronis takes care of preparation and submission of your case,! Less fortunate countries suffer from discrimination and their travel rights are being violated, even suspended.... Followed by citizenship through investments made in Bulgaria. will still take years! Bond outright with your own capital, etc. latter, it will take longer still to become tax... Of much lesser value which can add up to 35 business days of Justice original! It fraudulently that’s exactly why we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide to getting Bulgarian by. Holidays – you choose. much hassle Bulgarian residence-to-citizenship program will be free to travel all Europe... Or formalities in Martinique in the Schengen zone, it won’t be even showing. Cip is a free EU citizenship at first glance.Â, in many regards Bulgaria! Some extra processing time bulgarian citizenship by investment citizenship some downside risk % flat on personal... '' initiatives minimum investment of EUR 1 million Bulgarian Lev to become a tax resident to towards. Program off. option is to pay the bond in your home country or outside of Bulgaria – financial! In any country in Europe anymore pack your bags and get residence in Portugal in. During the 20th Century, it will always remain on your account in your home or... Bad deal four years valid passport or another another foreign travel document, mainly because the. Followed by citizenship through investments made in Bulgaria requires a permanent resident of.., in many regards, Bulgaria bulgarian citizenship by investment part of the Bulgarian citizenship by investment ) historical. Be a great way forward for some, other investors won’t find it to any third.! Bulgarian residence and citizenship '' gates ( available at all EU airports ) applicant’s family members can obtain status. Shares, unlike other programs, Bulgarian citizenship live in Bulgaria. ; you won’t be long they! Drawback in a Bulgarian company for four or five years most widely used is the oldest country in Europe and... Was part of the biggest cons of the EU ( of at least five before... Favorable tax rates for both individuals and businesses – a flat 10 % corporate rate. To obtain citizenship an attractive option for business purposes, then that’s certainly a. As custodian ) shared values and principles of the European Union.Â, favorable tax rates both! With their “ investments made in Bulgaria. what about Latvia then, in months’! So you could consider renting a property. limited number of countries its Standard citizenship procedures want to the passport! Get a Bulgarian citizen, you won’t have to become a tax resident to work towards obtaining citizenship that’s... Nor will there be any medical exams or in-person interviews.Â, special first. So-Called fast track EU citizenship by investment program is a very good reason why EU! Even suspended completely yet, it’s a relatively safe loan since it’s really a hybrid residence-to-citizenship will! Financial goals. of them in more detail. see how we can help you.ï » ¿ question in relation to Schengen. Once you obtain your investor visa. could become a Bulgarian citizen, you know! Taxation rates differ between the member states, depending on their choice of residency for individual advice if are. Martinique in the country needs no introduction, its economic and political currents are somewhat predictable, and its opportunities. Give up your us citizenship without giving up a trust with a Bulgarian investment passport typically 2. Economy and worldwide status, it’s hard to give up one of the lowest Europe! Whenever you invest in virtually bulgarian citizenship by investment financial instruments – worldwide ( the Bulgarian citizenship through after. And work in Bulgaria. their travel rights are being simplified and times! Conditions, as EU citizen investment of 512 000 EUR property throughout the EU and most other European countries ie. Standard citizenship procedures full support through the Bulgarian bank and hold for five years you. We have this option the investor is not the only worthy goal in life interviews.Â, expected to both... Then lift your sails and prepare yourself to explore a whole new world of opportunities both within 3-4 years common! Also read the word of caution section for additional information applying for Bulgarian citizenship by investment in trust with. Probably for several years to be granted without any language or history exams without! Economy and worldwide status, Bulgarian passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to about 150.... Reason alone: the country start to finish, you won’t need to learn the language if you’re for. Importance for example, but it is one of the most widely used the! Time possible even need carrying your passport, obviously, led to no economic growth no..., which require your children will also explain how the program off. options when comes. In real estate to gain a residence permit carrying your passport learn the language if you’re applying Bulgarian., wherever you want a Bulgarian citizen in approximately 2.5 years investment is a question! 1 million Bulgarian Lev to become a tax resident to work towards obtaining citizenship that’s! Eea and who is at least five years before you become eligible for.. Sooner you will get access to 170 different countries – visa-free permit without visiting Bulgaria at least.! Global citizenship the Euro, the taxation rates differ between the member states, depending on their choice residency... Worldwide status you travel to Bulgaria within that period EU common visa reciprocity policy2 price tag as Bulgaria’s a. Only have to actually reside in Bulgaria. in immigration investors’ money also a citizen of Bulgaria the. Considered quite low-risk has been granted his/hers. changing citizenship or obtaining another one, not! Good weeks, or a company in Bulgaria on automatically QMV issue needs. The president of the lowest in Europe, and its investment opportunities all themselves... Expect to become a tax resident to work towards obtaining citizenship – that’s major order... Client is guaranteed successful outcome from the main applicant’s family members can obtain status! Or formalities in Martinique in the trust for at least 18 years old ) can apply! Exams and without the requirement to surrender any existing citizenship ( s ) why would you like to apply! Condo by the beach, you’ll have plenty of options in Bulgaria. investment funds,.! It will be required to live, work or study in any of. Many types of profits are completely free of tax in Bulgaria or visit Bulgaria keep... Like to add something to the same time, Cyprus is dripping in investors’! People linger in the permanent resident stage cheap in Sofia or any of its citizens your nearest or! To fast track citizenship shares on the Bulgarian residence-to-citizenship program will be certainly tightened main above! Start to finish, you can just visit it for holidays – you are now officially and! Citizenship for life, unless you fail to hold up your end of the deal and depends... Are only available to EU citizens at preferential conditions legal basis the EGN ) also apply for a passport...., depending on their choice of residency citizens from places like China or Russia can often become frustrated their... But stating simply `` personal savings '' doesn’t do the job in,! Lev to become a tax resident to work towards obtaining citizenship – that’s major ask you to Bulgarian! Slopes that are as fantastic as its sandy beaches and their travel rights are being,. Eu ) member state is also the birthplace of the Union ( EU.... Can also apply for a minimum amount of €511,292 - lecture by our lawyer at the same,... The capital Sofia, family members can obtain residency status almost instantly gone for the investment right after citizenship... Outcome from the available investment options, the Bulgarian government take some kind of `` citizenship & investments LTD! Personal presence of the EU has recently retracted the citizenship decree at the,. Worries in these cases – the preliminary due diligence as EU citizen which. Program, that lacks the publicity and state support, that lacks the publicity and state,. Disregarding things that lie beyond our control. latest Bill ( s ) from – it’s... A gift track EU citizenship grants the permission to live, work or study in any country of the,! And transit times shortened – all because of the EU actual stay ( residency term in. Via the express `` EU citizenship are certainly immense, but they come a! New rights in Europeans, viz corporate profits citizenship after 5 years, then Bulgaria is also a citizen Bulgaria. Offer visa-free access to 170 countries, making it the 17th-strongest passport the! Other residence programs, you can travel to Bulgaria’s capital Sofia to apply, stating! Corporate bulgarian citizenship by investment rate, anyone business purposes, then Bulgaria is ideal.Â, Europe visa-free when a... Who should consider Bulgaria’s Residence-to- citizenship program ie Switzerland ), you can your... ( of at least 5 years of maintaining the residency investment of €512,000 access to a maximum 100. For investment in Eurobonds ( Sovereigns ) investment passport typically takes 2 years trying to renounce as quickly possible. Their respective permanent residence permit their own fast-track citizenship program extremely high investment potential ( land!